We have Leagues to suit your needs


Fort Worth soft tip leagues are currently on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays with a tournament on Saturdays. Tuesday leagues are open cricket 4 person mixed. Thursdays are NDA 4 person mixed spot league 501 and cricket. Sundays are mixed doubles NDA 501/cricket.

Saturdays are a open 501 and cricket tournament held at Black Gold 8pm start


Shelti is currently starting early in January a virtual 4 person league, play anytime you like on any of the Shelti Live boards here or abroad!!!! Shelti.com for info!!


Currently TXDARTS is not running any Steel tip leagues, we are working on a PAYBACK steel league in the Fort Worth AREA if you have interest in getting involved in this please contact us!!!

TXDARTS  CALL:   (214)505-8022 1PM - 8PM MON - FRI

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